• The function of rotary pump is to pump hydraulic oil to the hydraulic circuit.
  • It convert the mechanical energy (rotation of shaft) into hydraulic energy ( Pressure and Flow rate).
  • Rotary pump is a positive displacement pump. It can deliver constant flow even at high pressure.
  • The discharge of rotary pump is smooth, continuous and not pulsating. Very less vibration and noise is observed in case of rotary pumps. Rotary pump is compact, with very less number of moving components, and are less sensitive to contamination.
  • Fixed displacement pump is a pump whose discharge is fixed for a fixed speed. It does not have any arrangement to vary the discharge without altering the speed.
  • Example are external gear pump, internal gear pump, lobe pump, ge-rotor pump,simple vane pump.
  • Variable displacement pump is a pump whose discharge is varied for any fixed speed. It has arrangement to vary the discharge by turning a knob or a hand wheel.
  • Examples are variable displacement vane pump,variable displacement straight axis piston pump.

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