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enginnering graphics and design

Here we are provided this recorded video course which is cover following topics suggested by university syllabus.


Bachelor of Engineering

Subject Code: 2110013


  1. Introduction to Engineering Graphics: Drawing instruments and accessories, BIS- SP 46, Use of plane scale, Diagonal Scale and Representative Fraction.
  2. Loci of Points: Path of the points moving on Simple mechanisms, Slider crank mechanisms, four bar mechanisms.
  3. Engineering Curves: Classification and application of Engineering Curves, Construction of Conics, Cycloidal Curve, Involutes and Spirals along with normal and tangent to each curve.
  4. Projections of Points and Lines: Introduction to principal planes of projections, Projections of the points located in same quadrant and different quadrants, Projections of line with its inclination to one reference plane and with two reference planes. True length and inclination with the reference planes.
  5. Projections of Planes: Projections of planes (polygons, circle and ellipse) with its inclination to one reference plane and with two reference planes, Concept of auxiliary plane method for projections of the plane.
  6. Projections of Solids, Section of Solids and Development of Surfaces: Classification of solids. Projections of solids (Cylinder, Cone, Pyramid and Prism) along with frustum with its inclination to one reference plane and with two reference planes, Section of such solids and the true shape of the section, Development of surfaces.
  7. Orthographic Projection: Fundamental of projection along with classification, Projection from the pictorial view of the object on the principal planes for view from front, top and sides using first angle projection method and third angle projection method, full sectional view.
  8.  Isometric Projection and Isometric View or Drawing: Isometric scale, Conversion of orthographic views into isometric projection, isometric view or drawing of simple objects.
  9.  Computer Aided Drawing: Introduction to AutoCAD, Basic commands for 2D drawing like: Line, Circle, Polyline, Rectangle, Hatch, Fillet, Chamfer, Trim, Extend, Offset, Dim style, etc..

Projection of Point & Line & Plane on Auxiliary Planes
Development of Surfaces of Solids
Sectional Orthographic Projections
Isometric (Projection/View/ Drawing) (Axonometric Projection)

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